Light Up Wire Star Topper (20cm) Light Up Wire Star Topper (20cm)
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Light Up Wire Star Topper (20cm)
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    Unique Christmas Tree Toppers Online

    Our Christmas tree decorating traditions often end with Christmas tree toppers as the finale and crowning glory on our Christmas Trees.

    Peruse our selection and choose the topper that best fits your decor and budget. Traditional shining stars and soft angels beautifully finish your tree. Explore our more uniquely Australian tree toppers like surfside starfish or nautical-themed choices.

    What are our most popular Christmas toppers?

    We have many popular Xmass tree toppers. But we feel each topper should be unique to the decorator, family, and tree. If you're looking to find the perfect topper that will become part of your family's tradition each year, look through our favourites below to make your Christmas tree complete. 

    Light up tree toppers

    These bring a shining light to the top of any tree. Our selection comes in traditional gold and silver stars or can be multicolored and whimsical. For a sweet touch at the top of your Christmas centerpiece, choose from snowflakes, hearts, and other shapes to match your style. 

    Religious tree toppers

    Angels and crosses add a soft touch to the top of any tree. These beautiful and majestic toppers are perfect for your religious or ethereal theme. While these are gorgeous on any tree, they go best with softer baubles and lights. 

    Unique Tree Toppers

    Let your personality shine through in your decorations and find the perfect tree topper to represent your eclectic style. Many families are choosing a themed Christmas tree as the focal point of their rooms. Christmas happens in the middle of our summer, so there’s no reason your tree can’t reflect that. 

    Seaside and nautical themes are popular choices among Australians. Starfish and other sea treasures have made it to the top of our list and your Christmas trees. 

    Do you have tree toppers to match my colour theme?

    Those looking for a minimalist effect are choosing one colour to adorn their trees. There isn't one colour that's preferred over another, it depends solely on what strikes your fancy. At Christmas World, we provide a magical customer experience and can help you fill your tree with whichever hue you choose. 

    Many people choose white to create the look and mood of snow, which most of us won’t see in December! You can find white angel or snowflake tree toppers to suit a light colour theme, or choose to go with something brighter and flashier.

    How big should a tree topper be?

    That’s completely up to you, although we recommend one proportionate to your tree. Round out a large tree with an equally great tree topper that suits an oversized Christmas tree. 

    A smaller tree may look dwarfed by a big tree topper, so choose a less sizable one to make your tree more pleasing to the eye. You can read our news for our latest decorating advice or reach out to us with questions or for help.

    We've got the right option for you!

    Visit one of our shops in Sydney during the season or Christmas World online for year-round shopping. We offer shipping to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and all over Australia. Want to buy now but pay later? Check out  Zip Pay. We are the premier place to shop for anything and everything Christmas and invite you to join our Valued Customer Club and save 10% online all year long.