By  registering an account with Christmas World you are automatically consenting to  become a ‘MEMBER’ of our Christmas World eRetail Valued Customer Club to receive exclusive Valued Customer Club Benefits as outlined in the Websites Terms and Conditions.   

10.3.1 Christmas Worlds Valued Customer Club Terms and Conditions
  1. Membership to Christmas Worlds eRetail Valued Customer Club is open to individuals 18 years or older as per the Websites Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Register for an online account to be part of Christmas Worlds eRetail Valued Customer Club here
  3. By registering an account, the applicant (you) agrees to be bound by the Websites Terms and Conditions.
  4. By registering an account on the Website, you acknowledge and consent to becoming a Member of the Christmas World eRetail Valued Customer Club. 
  5. By becoming a member of Christmas World’s eRetail Valued Customer Club you also consent to receiving Christmas World’s Marketing Emails, Newsletters, Promotional Information and Exclusive Offers.
  6. Registering an account to become a MEMBER can only be made by a natural person (i.e. only individuals are eligible to be VCC Members). Corporations, partnerships, and other entities may not apply.
  7. All online Registrations to become a Member and whilst being a Member  require applicants  to have a unique email address.
  8. After submitting your application to join the Christmas World’s eRetail Valued Customer Club  you will be notified by the Website if your application has been accepted. If accepted the email will contain your Unique eRetail VCC Membership Code, for you to use on each Order.  
  9. Your Christmas World eRetail VCC Membership or Unique Membership Code is not transferable.  
  10. Christmas World’s eRetail Valued Customer Club Members must only Register an online account once.  Duplicate eRetail VCC Membership Accounts will be cancelled without the Members being notified. Cancellation of an eRetail VCC Membership Account includes termination of the eRetail VCC Membership Account and all rewards and benefits associated with the eRetail VCC Membership account.
  11. Your Unique eRetail VCC Membership Code or any other Promotional Codes issued to you as a Christmas World eRetail VCC Member must be entered when placing your Order and must be entered in correctly at the relevant point in the Order payment process to be valid or honoured, on Orders successfully placed without using the relevant code or correct code. 
  12. The VCC discount on your Order will be shown once you enter your Unique eRetail VCC Membership Code at the relevant point of the payment process. 
  13. Your eRetail VCC Membership VCC Membership Account is valid until you or we terminate these Valued Customer Club Terms.
  14. Christmas World reserves the right to accept, modify, refuse or terminate a Member’s account without notice or reason and at its absolute discretion.
  15. Christmas Worlds eRetail Valued Customer Club Members can update their eRetail Valued Customer Club Member Profile at any time by logging in to the Website. It is the members responsibility to ensure this information is current at all times. Keeping your information up to date will ensure that your shipping information is always accurate. 
  16. If an eRetail VCC Member has not updated their personal information on the Website, any future VCC Rewards such as (but not limited to):  Promotional Offers, Discounts or Entry to Competitions will be invalid.
  17. The 10% Valued Customer Club Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  18. If you would like to unsubscribe from our eRetail Christmas World Valued Customer Club, you can do so at any time by:

      Once unsubscribed you are no longer considered a Member of our Valued Customer Club and are no longer entitled to the rewards as listed in 10.3.1 


      The contents on this page form part of and should be read in conjunction with our main terms and conditions. located HERE