The Best Christmas Display Ideas For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

The Best Christmas Display Ideas For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Whether you work in an office, a retail store or are simply looking for unique ways to decorate your home, nothing embodies the Christmas spirit quite like a seasonal display. This year, transform your reception area, store window or entrance hall with these popular Christmas village display ideas for small spaces.

All aboard the Santa express

Bring any space to life with a moving Christmas scene! Past a moving Ferris wheel, Santa’s workshop, the town centre, airport, joyful homes and various other stops, set up a battery-operated train that weaves around various locations in the North Pole — you’re sure to gather an admiring crowd, especially if you add some lights for nighttime.

The night before Christmas

If your décor aesthetic leans towards subtle shades and a more modern style, this quiet, snowy Christmas village display idea for your small space will do the trick. Using artificial snow to create soft white flooring, place miniature wooden houses in between LED trees and flickering lamposts to set the scene. Although this 3D display may not be as bright and colourful as the previous, its magical atmosphere will appeal to both adults and children alike.

A twinkling Christmas garden

While so many people default to adding anything and everything into their Christmas garden displays, this outdoor Christmas light display idea is all about a single, strong theme — twinkling lights. When the sun sets, watch as your outdoor area lights up with LED Christmas trees, reindeer and petal balls. Hang delicate stars on your front door and place rustic lanterns along your garden path too. This outdoor display idea is all about keeping decorations minimal and letting the radiant lights do the talking. 

Everything you need for your indoor and outdoor Christmas light display ideas

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