Why Australians Celebrate Christmas In July

Why Australians Celebrate Christmas In July

When you think of Christmas, you automatically think about the wonderful holiday that lands on December 25th. The wintertime holiday is associated with things like snow, cold, warm fires and anything else you associate with the winter season. But did you know that we Australians celebrate Christmas in July?

It’s pretty confusing if you really think about it, but Australians get to celebrate Christmas twice a year. Once on the traditional December 25th, and then once again in July. Although this sounds like blasphemy, the reason this is done is because December down under is anything but cold. 

Because of the seasonal changes in December in Australia compared to other parts of the country, Christmas is celebrated differently. So instead of being huddled by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, Australians head to the beach or have a day outside in the sun.

Then when July finally rolls around, this is when Australians celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense since it’s colder. Although we know it as Christmas in July, Australians call this second celebration Yuletide or Yulefest. Since it’s colder in July down under, Christmas can finally be celebrated with drinks by the fire and getting cozy in warm attire. Some parts of the country also sees snow, but there’s even fake snow included at various events dedicated to the celebrations.

The July celebration doesn’t replace Christmas on December 25th. Australians still celebrate Christmas with gifts and other usual traditions. The festivities in July are just an added bonus that allows them to feel the true spirit of Christmas in the right season. Plus, it’s not an official holiday and not everyone celebrates the second Christmas. However, this doesn’t mean it’s still not popular with the Australian people. As each year passes it becomes more popular.

Celebrating Christmas in July isn’t just for Australians, it is also celebrated in other countries.

We Australians love a Christmas feast and family gatherings, Christmas in July is just an awesome way and excuse to bring all family and friends together.


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