How To Set Up Christmas Inflatables

How To Set Up Christmas Inflatables

Inflatable decorations have become a staple of many households during the holiday season. While they may be a bit unconventional, they’re an exciting way to add some more pizzazz to your home.

If you want to add attractive decorations to your home this year but don't know how to set up Christmas inflatables, keep reading! We'll give you tips on effectively putting up your festive inflatables to enjoy all season long.

Decide where you want to place your Christmas inflatable

Inflatable Christmas decorations come in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, from Santa Claus and reindeer to snowmen and more. But how do you choose where to put your inflatable decoration for maximum impact? Here are a few tips: 

  • Before setting up your inflatable, ensure the surface is free of debris and the area is free of sharp objects and hard edges, which may cause the inflatable to pop or rupture. You should also avoid placing it near a heat source, whether an oven, candle, fireplace, heater or generator. 
  • If you have small children or pets, place your inflatable where they can't reach it. Aside from them accidentally rupturing it, this will help you avoid them placing their fingers into the fan or electrical workings.
  • Some inflatables are for indoor use, while others can be used indoors and outdoors. Some inflatables work very well outside, but you need to ensure the transformer remains covered and indoors. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions before placing your inflatable. For the outdoors, do some online research on how to make inflatables brighter, which is beneficial, especially at night. And if it gets wet by rain, dry it in the sun.
  • To keep your inflatable sturdy, peg it down onto the surface or to the adjoining tabs attached to the product. Always ensure the product is not used in windy or wet weather. If you plan to deflate it, move it undercover or position it so the fan is not facing upwards. 

With a little planning, you can ensure that your inflatable decoration brings joy to all who see it this Christmas season!

How to set up your Christmas inflatables

  • Make sure there is enough space to inflate properly
  • Nothing gets people into the holiday spirit like inflatable Christmas decorations. But before you can enjoy the sight of a jolly Santa Claus or a cheerful snowman in your front yard, you must ensure enough space for your inflatable. The last thing you want is Santa cowering under a tree or your snowman to be wedged between trees and sheds.

    When setting up your inflatable, start by finding a level spot at least twice the size of the decoration. If possible, choose an area that is sheltered from strong winds and rain. If you're wondering how to keep inflatable decorations standing, use pegs to tie them down to the ground or the tabs on the product to keep them sturdy. 

  • Plug in the transformer and turn on the switch
  • Every inflatable comes with a transformer, which you must plug into the power outlet before turning on the switch. Before that, ensure there is enough allowance for proper airflow and that the fan is not covered or smothered by the polyester material. Don’t forget to double-check the zipper is fully closed before you begin inflating it. To avoid overheating the transformer, inflatables should not run for more than 12 hours.

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