Solar LED Organza Lanterns 10pc

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Check out this brand new solar item. Get 10 organza lanterns in various colours. The stringed lanterns are powered by the sun, so there is no need for cord and plugs. They are a perfect choice for the patio or deck. The interior battery will charge with the sun during the day and they will light up through the night. It is a great way to illuminate any space and create a beautiful ambience. They will work inside and out and the mini solar panel that powers the lights is black and can be placed somewhere discreetly, so you dont have to worry about that. Each night, these lights will illuminate and create a great space and you wont see an increase in your energy bill. Enjoy the festive colours of the purple, yellow, red, green, and blue organza lanterns. These carefree lights turn on and off all by themselves, so you can come home at night to a beautifully lit walkway or relax on a well-lit porch.


Solar Powered Party Lanterns String Set
Pack of 10

Perfect for decoration, parties, events etc.
Multi coloured stringed lanterns powered by solar power.
Included battery will be charged during the day and the lights will illuminate automatically at night.

Further Details

  • No mains cabling or wiring required.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Outdoor / Indoor
  • The mini solar panel is black and can be placed discreetly.