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Safety Box for Extension Cord

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Get a few extension cord safety boxes to cover your connections between extension cords and ease your mind this holiday season. These waterproof and weatherproof boxes are designed to protect the connections between the extension cords, so you wont have to worry that water will get into the connection and cause serious problems this holiday season. Plus, these protective boxes are great for pets and children who may find the connections between the extension cords interesting. It is the best way to protect your home while decorating this holiday season. The IPX4 rating will allow you to use the extension cords outside and guards them from interference. The box works with all types of lights including net lights, rope lights, LED lights, and all of your rope light designs. Plus, you dont have to put these up all season because they also work great around the pool, boat, and RV. They are a great addition to your tool box and will protect any connection when working outdoors. They offer you the safety you need when dealing with electricity and watery conditions.

  • IPX4 waterproof rating - suitable for use outdoors
  • Safe to use around wet areas
  • Perfect for use with Christmas lights, lawn equipment, power tools, carpet cleaners, around the pool, and when boating
  • Fits all standard plugs and cords, and is able to be hung up and attached walls, tucked up out of the way
  • For indoor/outdoor use