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Christmas World is Real Christmas Trees ' largest grower, wholesaler and distributor, and was the first to bring more than 20 years ago the perfectly shaped fresh-cut style of the USA to the Sydney market. With such extensive experience in serving the needs of our customers, we not only maintained a deserved reputation for providing the best trees on the market, but also created them to meet the needs of our customers.


PENRITH  (Our Largest Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Store)

9-13 Aspen Street, South Penrith, NSW 2570 

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Cnr Mona Vale Rd and Forestway, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084 (At Forestway Fresh Fruit Market)
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82 McEvoy Street Alexandria, NSW 2015

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Common Christmas Tree Species

White Spruce
Solid thin twigs which hold ornamentss well. Thick foliage and even extents of the tidy make it a very excellent Christmas tree. The tidy needs bunches of water notwithstanding, and like all Christmas trees, must be watered consistently to keep it from losing its needles. The needles are around two centimeters in length, and are an alluring dull green. They are solid and somewhat bended and emit a sharp impactful scent when squashed.

Scots Pine (Scotch Pine)
The Scots pine, which is the most well known Canadian Christmas tree, is certifiably not a local of North America. Disregarding its name the Scots pine is found all through Europe and Asia. The Scots pine is a thick, strong tree that holds its needles well over the special seasons. The shade of a Scots pine is variable; a few trees might be blue-green while others are yellow-green. The needles show up in groups of two, are generally contorted and are around four to eight centimeters in length.

Resin Fir
The scope of the Balsam fir is predominantly in Canada and stretches from Newfoundland to Alberta. Fir trees hold their needles well and are a decent decision if the brightened tree is to be left representing a more drawn out time of time.The needles are a few centimeters long, are adjusted at the tip and are a dull, gleaming green in shading. Not at all like tidy needles, fir needles are level and won't move between your fingers. Resin fir Christmas trees branches function admirably for lighter decorations.

White Pine 
Numerous individuals believe that the agile White pine is the most excellent of all Christmas tree assortments, despite the fact that its delicate needles make it hard to beautify. The needles are five to twelve centimeters in length, are delicate and adaptable and show up in lots of five.

Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado blue tidy, or blue tidy, is an alluring tree regularly utilized for Christmas trees or as ornamentals. Needles are 1/2 inches in length on lower branches yet fairly shorter on upper branches. They are 4-sided and have an exceptionally sharp point on the end. It is this point which gives the species its name "pungens", from the Latin word for sharp as in cut injury. Needles are commonly dull somewhat blue dim to shiny blue and radiate a resinous scent when squashed. A few trees have an increasingly unmistakable pale blue white or shimmering white foliage.

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