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Dont forget the extension cords. Even if most of the products that you purchase have leads, there still may be the need to have a few extension cords to make sure that you can place your decorations right where you want them. The best part is that these extension cords are okay for use inside or outdoors. That way you can grab a few and use them as needed and wherever needed. You have a vision for your d'cor this holiday season and sometimes that means placing your decorations further than the built-in lead cable will allow. In these cases, you can add this 3 meter long extension cord and it will help create the perfect look. The power fitting is designed to protect the power point for moisture exposure and that makes it safe for outdoor use. You can also choose a 5 meter cord or a 10 meter cord depending on your needs.

Item Code: IP0007
Sold Out: Yes
Color: WHITE
Use: Indoor & Outdoor use