Solar Lights


Solar Christmas Lights for Sale

Our collection of Christmas lights are solar powered, and perfect for the Australian Christmas. They make the most of the summer sun, using it to charge up during the day so they’re powered and lit up at night. Our range includes rope, string, & net lights. These solar LED and fairy lighting solutions are available in various colours and lengths. They’re a must to add life to your displays.

No matter what your theme is for this year’s holiday season, these attractive sparkles are sure to add oomph to your hanging ornaments and tree decorations. Drape them on your table top Christmas trees, around doorways and in front of your house to give your home a magnificent holiday glow.

Experience a Sustainable Holiday with Our Solar Christmas Lights

These are great solutions for your outdoor lighting needs.  They’re created to last long even under harsh weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them outside. They are also environmentally friendly, a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

The Earth receives unlimited energy from the sun, and it’s free! So, while you’re saving yourself from the outrageous costs of your electric bill especially during this time of the year, you’re also doing Mother Nature a huge favour! Aside from being cost efficient, these solar powered Christmas LED lights require little maintenance once installed and release no harmful emissions.

Christmas Lights Solar-powered to Save Energy

These energy-saving lighting solutions are easily installed, with no confusing electrical wires. Each comes with a solar panel that needs to be placed directly under the sun or in daylight which, when charged, gives sufficient power for the light. They work great as garden or outdoor tree lights that will illuminate and give life to your outdoor space, and come with a flashing switch to make them more attractive.

You can buy Christmas lights online or visit our stores in Sydney. Choose from our wide range of solar Christmas lights for sale and find a huge selection of wonderful, attractive wreaths, garlands, baubles, artificial Christmas trees of all sizes and everything you might need to decorate your homes and offices.